9/16 Presenting Quantum Synth at Audio Mostly 2020 [1] [2] [3], Graz, AT
A Quantum-Classical Network for Beat-Making Performance is out on JONMA [1]
8/22 recording videoclip Alex Lough's Assemblage no 4 [1]
8/20-22 interviewing new Qiskit Advocates candidates 
I'm an "Arctic Code Vault Contributor" [1] [2] [3]
Mentioned in Junye Huang's medium article [1]
Mentioned in Gabby Miller's interview [1]
7/17 premiere cineballet CANON featuring The Space Between the Strings [1] [2]
2020 Medici Scholarship Award
Summer 2020 GDDF Award
06/25 playing in Kevin Anthony's Sinew
06/02 OCH is ABD now :)
Yeuda Ben-Atar reviews och.EQ8FreqMIDICtrl [1] [2]
IBM Quantum Challenge 2020 [1] [2]
[postponed] 05/01 OCH's The Gedanken Room @xMPL
[postponed] 03/10-13 Qiskit Camp 2020 @Yorktown Heights, NY / Killington, VT
01/11-20 collaborative installation Oracle @xMPL [1] [2]
The Space Between the Strings is on New Music by Living Composers vol. 1 [1]
SYNCHRESIS – Audio Vision Tales  is now available [1]
12/11-14 invited for IBM Qiskit Camp Africa @Pilanesberg, South Africa
7/12 performing at Listen to the Motion @xMPL [1] [2]
12/5 my first demo session as a Qiskit Advocate
och.mtos max/msp external out now
11/19 La Cabane @laptopradio, FR
11/8-9 The Space Between the Strings @SLSA 2019 [1] [2]
11/8 Quantum Synth @Festival della Tecnologia, Torino, IT
11/7 playing with Tony Fajt @Impromtu Trailer Show
I am now a ZotAbility Ally
Wolfiverse - a multiverse folk tale based on QC [1] [2]
I am now a Qiskit Advocate! [1] [2]
10/18-20 selected for Quantum Futures Hackathon @CERN, CH
Hanah Davenport's "Angelo's Garden" is out [1] [2]
My Quantum Synth & IBM Qiskit Camp Award on the news [1] [2[3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]
Just won the Community Choice Award! @IBM Qiskit Camp Europe, CH
09/12-15 nominated for IBM Qiskit Camp Europe @Piz Gloria, CH
09/08-12 Quantum Information for Developers @ETH Zurich, CH
08/17 Lost in Space @TouchDesigner Summit 2019, Montreal 
06/08 recording The Space Between the Strings @CAC
06/04 presenting och.scorestream @WSH
06/03 The Space Between the Strings @MOCAP [1]
05/31 playing in Lukas Ligeti: Chaos, Order, Melody @WSH
05/24 The Space Between the Strings @WSH [1[2]
05/03 playing with Ghostbird @Irvine Barclay Theatre [1] [2]
03/28 presenting och.scorestream @IRCAM [1] [2]
03/17 playing with new quartet Ghostbird @MOCAP
03/12 Presenting my research "Adventures in Quantumland" @AITR190
Presenting a poster at Forum IRCAM Workshops 2019, Paris, FR
02/23 Duet for Human and Machine will be at SCFTA [1] [2] [3] [4] [5]
my first collab game at Global Game Jam 2019
I'm in this year's NAMM 2019 Show
och.scorestream released
if you're interested in ICIT then check this out
short interview with Grad Division [1] [2] [3]
Gumroad page just launched
6/09 Serendipity @MoCap
5/30 playing on Spring Soirée @WSH
5/24 playing on Automata Embodied @xMPL
5/04-05 visualist in Living in the Tempest
12/04 B.U.D. Sophia @ MoCap
12/01 playing on Mark Micchelli Ens
I'll be presenting at EAW 2017 on 11/15
16/10 Double Vaccine with Waeli Wang @MoCap
Pursuing my PhD in ICIT at UCI :)
qup at Amorphous beta on the 17th
Working now at CIIMP and Miso Music Portugal

Omar is a composer, sound artist and performer, working primarily in jazz music, multimedia
and improvisation. In 2013, he obtained a Masters degree in Composition and Music Theory,
by the Superior School of Music and Performing Arts (ESMAE), Polytechnic Institute of Porto
(Portugal), where he conducted research on the relations between music and painting. He
also has a graduation in Music - Jazz (Performance in Saxophone), concluded in 2011, in the
University of Évora (Portugal). Born in Lisbon (Portugal), in 1990, he grew up in Coruche (region
of Ribatejo), where he began his musical studies, at the age of eleven, in the local Philharmonic
Band and at the Music Conservatory of Santarém. He participated in several workshops with
renowned mentors. He also collaborated in several national and international projects and events,
connected to jazz and musical performance, production and composition. He has developed his
work in these areas, mainly as a freelancer, some of it is published.

Omar Costa Hamido
On the 18th, around 6 pm, at Av da Boavista, where the colors meet, suspended in the air...