I am a composer, sound artist and performer working primarily in jazz music, improvisation and multimedia.

In 2013, I obtained a Masters degree in Composition and Music Theory, where I conducted research on the relations between music and painting, and their compositional processes. I also have a graduation in Music - Jazz (Performance in Saxophone), concluded in 2011.

I had the opportunity to perform, integrated in (and in collaboration with) different groups,  as further explained in the full c.v.

As a composer, I've been working towards developping a regular collaborative basis with artists from other performance and creative areas. My music draws on a wide range of influences from Jazz and Contemporary Music to Electronic Music. I have a particular interest in the music of Vincent Herring, Will Vinson, João Guimarães, Soweto Kinch, Steve Lehman, Dorian Concept and Slow Magic among others. I also take many influences from the field of abstract painting  (Kandinsky and Vieira da Silva) and philosophical writing (Albert Camus and Roland Barthes).

My writings reflect my approach to creative practice within a wider understanding of contemporary culture and emerging technologies.

I built a schematic interests pool, in order to clarify the way I see myself thinking and acting both in the professional and the personal world I chose.

Main Interests:


[Arts]>[Music]&[Visual Arts]>[Performance]&[Composition]

^[Programming]>[Max/Msp]&[Processing]&[Google Apps]

^[Writing/Critics]> [Exploratory studies]&[reviews]

^^[Strategy]>[Integrated Creativity]&[Systemic]